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'The great thing about Sandra is that she is what many accountants are not! She is able and prepared to explain answers to all my questions, nothing seems too difficult for her, and the final result always seems to have been executued with thorough professionalism. However, the important part for me is that Sandra gives me every confidence my tax position is the best it can be for my situation. That's the bottom line-literally!'


Craig Joppich



Sandra is passionate about her business and so am I. That is why I hired her. I wanted someone who would think outside the square and advise me about the best way to manage my business to maximise profits and minimise disruption. As a creative person, paperwork and profits tend to be low on my list of priorities, but Sandra has given me fail safe methods, which I have applied and can easily manage. Now I can concentrate on what I do best.


Comissa Fischer - Miss Fisch Creative Services